JJ Premium Spirits is an importer of alcoholic beverages and exclusive distributor in Paraguay. Subsidiary company of the Via Brasil Group, which owns companies in Paraguay (Via Brasil and JJ Premium Spirits) and Brazil (Excellence). The company was created with the desire to expand the group’s active market, which has been active in the perfumery and cosmetics business since 1980. JJ Premium Spirits began its structuring in 2014, when its founder, Mr. Ben Jacob, started research new markets, participating in exhibitions, conferences and events in the beverage market. 3 years passed until everything could be structured, and in 2017, JJ Premium Spirits began its activities in the import and exclusive distribution of alcoholic beverages, and many international brands were promoted in association with their suppliers and customers. Due to the collaboration of dedicated and passionate professionals in the alcoholic beverage market, and with all the experience gained from the work done with Via Brasil, JJ Premium Spirits becomes one of the most prestigious beverage distributors in Paraguay.

Committed to the development of a different work with our market, invest in good partnerships to improve the value of brands and products, always focusing on obtaining the best results for the group. Our mission is to certify ourselves about the high quality of the products we offer our clients, in order to make affordable prices, always attentive to the efficiency and excellence of our services.

We believe that the work done in harmony and commitment is the key to a successful business relationship. We investigate our market and with each action we develop a unique planning that will make a difference in the final result. We keep our communication channels open to customers so they can participate in the whole process and have total confidence in our professionals and in the guidelines for their business. We are a company in constant movement to always offer brands for our market that never rests and where the new one is a continuous trend.

Honesty ahead of work. We respect society and competition, we are fair in our commercial relations and we certify the quality and safety of the products that reach the final consumer. We are proactive and offer a specialized team with experience and intelligent solutions. We value leadership and professional growth. We have an efficient marketing team focused on building the image of our products.